Customer Complaint Re Zombie Apocalypse

To whom it may concern

Dear [Insert-name-here],

I have been patient beyond measure but the time has come to vent my disappointment in how things are run on this planet with regard to humankind. Earlier this year — although the latest reports point to late 2019 — a novel coronavirus spread through the human population (and some other animals), no doubt with the purpose of containing the spread of said population. This purpose was certainly noble. The execution of the plan, however, is falling well short of expectations. Continue reading Customer Complaint Re Zombie Apocalypse

A Profound Look Back at the Week: Mar 23-27

This week’s been smoother overall and also busier, which I will in no way complain about because having work is good right now and not everyone is lucky to have it. Anyway, in a world where there is still just one single thing happening — with all the trimmings such as a rage against celebrities (well done, world) and fears of dictatorship — I accidentally happened upon something profound. Continue reading A Profound Look Back at the Week: Mar 23-27

Zombocalypse survivor or fresh meat?

by Da Pootz

image: Angelina Alexandrova

This test was sort of unavoidable, to be honest, so here it is.

Continue reading Zombocalypse survivor or fresh meat?