The Diversity Trap

A Twitter friend complained the other day. He pasted a screenshot of some writing advice, in which the author said it might be a good idea to consider adding diverse characters to a book because publishers like them. As long as they fit organically, that author had added, I suppose to avoid blushing with embarrassment every time they passed a mirror. My friend’s complaint? It approximated to “Stop using us as bait.” Continue reading The Diversity Trap

DF Part 10: Showdown

“Reality is like fabric. This is a dumb comparison but it’s the best I can come up with that you can understand. So, this fabric has a pattern. Many patterns, in fact, all made up of people. We see them all and when a new part of a pattern appears we notice. That’s about it.” Continue reading DF Part 10: Showdown

DF Part 8: Lullaby

There once was a boy named Lars

His life was a dank stinky farce

No love or happiness he had

But he had weird dreams

And they drove him mad


There once was a boy— Continue reading DF Part 8: Lullaby

A Profound Look Back at the Week: April 13-17

Another week, another step closer to the next season, be it summer or winter. Movement is good. Movement is exercise. We should all move more. Continue reading A Profound Look Back at the Week: April 13-17

Third from the Right

The sluggish rain pattering on the skylight pulled Suzanne out of her sleep, in which she, together with several other people, was trying to close a pair of wooden doors to hold a crowd of zombies behind them. When Suzanne woke up, the door had not yet closed fully and now the image would bother her all day like unfinished business. It was ten to four, ten minutes till her alarm went off but Suzanne didn’t stay in bed. She had a guest house to run. Continue reading Third from the Right

When Characters Go Rogue

I had such high hopes when I met Natalie Griffiths for the first time. She had just died (Stroke. Felled her like a tree.) without finishing her cigarette and she was bent on having another, however long it took. While she argued her case with her account manager Natalie managed to cause the death of her husband and antagonise said manager so much that she, the manager, bungled the procedure of preparing two deceased for the after life. On top of it all, Natalie — and her husband — escaped from the waiting room of the Great Beyond setting the stage for many ghost adventures. And a cigarette, obviously. Continue reading When Characters Go Rogue

A Profound Look Back at the Week: March 30 – April 3

Another week has ended and my bread-making skills have improved further. I’m sure this is vital information for everyone on the planet, so I had to share it. Other than that, the only outtake of these past five days is that we are doing civilisation wrong. Continue reading A Profound Look Back at the Week: March 30 – April 3