A Profound Look Back at the Week: October 19-25

You know that chilly smell that begins to seep through doors and windows in late October and early November? It’s sharp and it promises below-zero temperatures. Yep, the smell of winter, with a hint of burning wood from the fireplaces of those romantic enough to believe it can kill the cold. Winter is — and I know this will eventually get old but it still hasn’t — coming. (Fun fact: I’m not even a GoT fan. I can take it or leave it. But this is the most wonderfully ominous sentence I’ve come across in a long while, so there.) Continue reading A Profound Look Back at the Week: October 19-25

The Best Time of the Year

Holiday season is upon us and I tell you, I couldn’t be happier. This is my absolute favourite time of the year and it’s not because of the presents. It’s not even because of the days off work, although these are certainly very welcome, all three of them. It’s about everything. Here’s what I mean. Continue reading The Best Time of the Year