A Desperate Man

Do you know this feeling when you’re so tired you can’t really enjoy the fact it’s Friday night and you’re looking at two days of rest? This is exactly how I felt this Friday. Continue reading A Desperate Man

The Girl in the Street

“I’m really sorry, Lars,” Alicia said. I could see she meant it—she looked everywhere but at me and she nodded as she spoke, like she was trying to convince herself she was doing the right thing. “We just can’t go on like this forever.” Continue reading The Girl in the Street

Red Bricks

The bus doors hissed open. Eddie hopped off and looked around. She’d never been to this part of the city though she had lived here for two years already and had seen most parts of it. Here, the street was cobblestone and so was the sidewalk. Rows of stones stretched into the distance: mundane gray for the street and cream, coffee, and cookie-brown for the sidewalk. Eddie smiled. She was hungry and she needed a coffee. It had been a long day. Continue reading Red Bricks