Sky High 23: Bright Light in a Tunnel

Rob was the first to reach it, followed by Bianca and Michael, Samantha trailing them. The newcomer group stayed back. Continue reading Sky High 23: Bright Light in a Tunnel

Sky High 22: Decompression

Michael reached out and put his hand on her shoulder. They flew in silence for a few minutes and then the sky was no longer pristine. Bianca tried to turn the yoke to the left but it refused to move. She pushed against it with all her strength but it didn’t budge even a millimeter. The plane that was coming towards them grew bigger and bigger by the second. Continue reading Sky High 22: Decompression

Sky High 21: The Itch

“Did you find out why we’re stuck here?” he asked after a while. They lay side by side on the dry grass, their skin once again ghostly silver under the moonlight. Bianca had debated with herself whether she should get dressed in case anyone else of their party wanted to fight insomnia with a walk but decided against it. They were behind a rock. They’d hear anyone coming. It was so quiet. Continue reading Sky High 21: The Itch

Sky High 20: Closer

In the cabin, the party was in half swing. Everyone but Gary and Michael had helped themselves to the contents of the trolley and had munched their way happily through half a dozen sandwiches and a pack of bacon-flavoured crisps. Now the sounds of eating had gone and a more contemplative mood had settled in. Continue reading Sky High 20: Closer

Sky High 19: I’m fine

Michael stood where he was for a second, staring at the back of her head, and then he went and sat in his seat. Continue reading Sky High 19: I’m fine

Sky High 18: Food

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t expect this to affect you that much.” Continue reading Sky High 18: Food

Sky High 17: Collapse

“Michael!” Samantha yelled and rushed to the captain, with Charles on her heels. “Michael! Help!” Continue reading Sky High 17: Collapse

Sky High 16: Stairs

“Careful!” Samantha called.

Gabrielle crawled along the turbine until she reached the wing. There, she first stood on all fours and then carefully straightened up. Continue reading Sky High 16: Stairs

Sky High 15: Useless Information

“Hi. Welcome back. How do you feel?” The words came out as fast a string of bullets. He put his hand on hers. “Are you okay?” Continue reading Sky High 15: Useless Information

Sky High 14: The Fattest Dragonfly in the World

Everyone on the beach looked up. Michael burst out laughing.

“Get the plane out? How are we going to do this?” Rob said. Gabrielle and he sat on the ground a few feet from Charles and Gary. Samantha stood nearby, watching the afternoon sun’s slanting rays on the water. Now she turned to look at Bianca, as wide-eyed as everyone else. Continue reading Sky High 14: The Fattest Dragonfly in the World