Sky High 5: Blood

Bianca sat back in her seat and began cracking her knuckles. Michael wasn’t here to see her and he was the only one who knew she did this in moments of extreme tension. Continue reading Sky High 5: Blood

Sky High 4: It’s Not an Experiment

Michael unbuckled his belt and stood up. As he walked to the door Bianca caught a whiff of freshly washed clothes. Michael’s smell, all too familiar even after three years. Continue reading Sky High 4: It’s Not an Experiment

Sky High 3: Surprises Keep Coming

Someone knocked on the door. A man of about forty, with a cleanly shaven head and a goatee, in a Rammstein T-shirt and jeans. He patiently waited for a signal he could come in. Bianca gestured him in. Continue reading Sky High 3: Surprises Keep Coming

Sky High 2: White Light in the Sky

The scenery was back. There was blue sky above them and dark grey peaks below them, some with snow caps, and a few probably deep blue lakes scattered here and there. Except the sky was now everywhere around them, too, because there was no plane to prevent the view. Bianca and Michael hung suspended in the air, both still sitting on invisible seats. Michael’s cursing stopped abruptly as both realized they were not falling. Continue reading Sky High 2: White Light in the Sky

Sky High 1: Before the Flight

What does it take to become a pilot? It takes numbers. A lot of numbers. It takes patience and focus, and confidence. But more than anything, it takes love. If you love flying, if you’ve dreamed about it since you were little, you’re halfway there. Oh, and learning early on to tap your head while rubbing your belly helps, too. Continue reading Sky High 1: Before the Flight

The Diversity Trap

A Twitter friend complained the other day. He pasted a screenshot of some writing advice, in which the author said it might be a good idea to consider adding diverse characters to a book because publishers like them. As long as they fit organically, that author had added, I suppose to avoid blushing with embarrassment every time they passed a mirror. My friend’s complaint? It approximated to “Stop using us as bait.” Continue reading The Diversity Trap

DF Part 10: Showdown

“Reality is like fabric. This is a dumb comparison but it’s the best I can come up with that you can understand. So, this fabric has a pattern. Many patterns, in fact, all made up of people. We see them all and when a new part of a pattern appears we notice. That’s about it.” Continue reading DF Part 10: Showdown

DF Part 9: The Last Guardian

I came to with a spinning head, a racing heart, and a stomach doing cartwheels. Someone was calling my name and I was beginning to hate the sound of it. Continue reading DF Part 9: The Last Guardian

DF Part 8: Lullaby

There once was a boy named Lars

His life was a dank stinky farce

No love or happiness he had

But he had weird dreams

And they drove him mad


There once was a boy— Continue reading DF Part 8: Lullaby

Third from the Right

The sluggish rain pattering on the skylight pulled Suzanne out of her sleep, in which she, together with several other people, was trying to close a pair of wooden doors to hold a crowd of zombies behind them. When Suzanne woke up, the door had not yet closed fully and now the image would bother her all day like unfinished business. It was ten to four, ten minutes till her alarm went off but Suzanne didn’t stay in bed. She had a guest house to run. Continue reading Third from the Right