Sky High 17: Collapse

“Michael!” Samantha yelled and rushed to the captain, with Charles on her heels. “Michael! Help!” Continue reading Sky High 17: Collapse

Sky High 16: Stairs

“Careful!” Samantha called.

Gabrielle crawled along the turbine until she reached the wing. There, she first stood on all fours and then carefully straightened up. Continue reading Sky High 16: Stairs

Sky High 15: Useless Information

“Hi. Welcome back. How do you feel?” The words came out as fast a string of bullets. He put his hand on hers. “Are you okay?” Continue reading Sky High 15: Useless Information

Sky High 14: The Fattest Dragonfly in the World

Everyone on the beach looked up. Michael burst out laughing.

“Get the plane out? How are we going to do this?” Rob said. Gabrielle and he sat on the ground a few feet from Charles and Gary. Samantha stood nearby, watching the afternoon sun’s slanting rays on the water. Now she turned to look at Bianca, as wide-eyed as everyone else. Continue reading Sky High 14: The Fattest Dragonfly in the World

Sky High 13: A Place to Sleep

“How did this happen?” she whispered, her energy all drained all of a sudden. “What happened?” Continue reading Sky High 13: A Place to Sleep

Sky High 12: Civilisation

Bianca stared after him for a second before turning her attention to those with the sensible take on events. Continue reading Sky High 12: Civilisation

Sky High 11: On Top of the World

Rob had taken off his T-shirt and was wringing it without any sign of discomfort despite the fact the temperature of the air couldn’t be more than 10 degrees, according to Bianca’s internal thermometer. Gabrielle was trying to do the same with her shirt without taking it off, wringing off its lower part and squeezing the sleeves to reduce their water content. Continue reading Sky High 11: On Top of the World

Sky High 10: Survivors

“Hello, everyone. We will need to make an emergency landing, which you’re probably not surprised to hear. But there’s one thing you need to know. We’ll be landing in a lake.” Continue reading Sky High 10: Survivors

Sky High 9: Preparing to Ditch

“Okay. Let’s talk business. I have no idea if we’re dead or alive but if we’re flying in circles someone must have programmed it and it wasn’t me.” Continue reading Sky High 9: Preparing to Ditch

Sky High 8: Flying in a Circle

Rob’s wife, Gabrielle, chose this moment to try and burst into the cockpit. She hit the door with her whole body and started banging on it with her fists until Michael opened. Her face was wet with tears and her eyes shot daggers but it was her mouth that made both pilots gape. It had a thick ring of cold sores in full, painful bloom. Continue reading Sky High 8: Flying in a Circle