Sit-Down Comedy: Waterworld

Imagine going home. You haven’t been home for a while and you can’t wait to get there, your poor heart bursting with the anticipation of home. No place like it and things like that. What do you imagine is the nastiest joke the universe could play on you in your vulnerable state? Continue reading Sit-Down Comedy: Waterworld

Killing Humour Would Be Worse than the Bee Crisis

I come to you today as a woman gravely agitated, dare I say brutally triggered, by several social network comments by strangers on a supposed quote by Terry Pratchett, of all things. While the comments themselves were too idiotic to quote, they do reflect a trend that I find to be a lot more dangerous than the shrinking bee population. Why? Because bees are not the only pollinators but humour is our only natural coping mechanism for crises of all sorts. If we kill that, we can just shut the door on humanity, turn the key in the lock and throw in a volcano. Continue reading Killing Humour Would Be Worse than the Bee Crisis