The Story Repository

It started as a dream journal. I called it that but the goal I started it with was to collect story ideas – kernels – I could use when I was in the mood for a short story. Apparently, once you finish a novel every story idea that comes to mind is a novel idea, or at least this is the case for me. Now, dreams on the other hand, dreams are short story material, I’ve no idea why. What I know is that most of the short stories I’ve written started their lives as something in a dream. It made sense to collect these story kernels. Continue reading The Story Repository

The Horror

I watched my first horror film when I was in the second or third grade. It was “The Murders on Rue Morgue” and it had a lasting effect on me, to put it mildly. Continue reading The Horror

Eating Disorder

This one’s another horror story. It wanted to become a novel so badly I had a difficult time restraining myself. It still does. Maybe some day. Continue reading Eating Disorder

The Guardians

This is one of the few pure horror stories I’ve written and I have a funny story about the story. I wrote it last year. A month or so later my family and I went to our usual annual visit to the in-laws in Constanta. As we arrived at the beach one day my husband went for a dip into the sea. He likes swimming underwater and when his head disappeared from the surface I suddenly thought “Oh, god, that’s just like Mark from “The Guardians”! What if he never resurfaces?!” Yeah. I got scared by my own fictional story. Oh, and the image above is from the Black Sea, the beach where “The Guardians” takes place. Pretty, right? Continue reading The Guardians

Apocalypse Inside

There’s a saying in my part of the world for when somebody is late coming home or going somewhere they are supposed to go. It goes “Let’s hope it [what happened to him] is what his wife is thinking and not what his mother’s thinking.” It implies wives always think their husbands are cheating on them when they’re late, while mothers worry they may have had an accident. A horrible accident. Yeah, I know gender stereotypes and stuff but it’s the bit about the mother I’m interested in. Because I only recently had to unique chance to Part With the Kid for More Than a Couple of Hours For the First Time. And I remembered why I didn’t want to have any kids before. Continue reading Apocalypse Inside

Oil. Metals. Horror. Fantasy. Part 1

When I put these four words in the description spot below my Twitter handle, I did it in an attempt to be both honest and succinct. This is what I do: I write about oil (and gas, and everything energy) and metals, and I write fantasy and horror. Continue reading Oil. Metals. Horror. Fantasy. Part 1