The Slav Work-Write Irony

Note: Slav after me, not after the ethnic group. Some tricky name I have, courtesy of my hilariously non-Slavic husband.

You know the joke that if you want a job done you should give it to the busiest person in the office? Well, I’ve formulated an alternative: if you want to finish a writing project, saddle yourself with as much work as you can. Continue reading The Slav Work-Write Irony

Being Stupid

We are all smart in our different, dare I say unique even, ways. This seems to be the dominant thinking today. None of us is stupid, it goes, lest someone should get offended. Well, I’ve come to this blog here today to tell you that we are all stupid in our different and, yes, sometimes unique, ways. I’m sorry but that how it is. Continue reading Being Stupid