Something Different

One night I dreamt I was in the building where I grew up, visiting a family of neighbours. There was something not right about the feel of the place. It felt larger than it should be and not completely real. This story followed. Continue reading Something Different


My web browser has been getting on my nerves lately. The company that’s made it is obviously — way too obviously — doing something with it again and I, on the other hand, are beginning to get fed up with this. I’m sure they believe they are trying to make life easier for a lot of users of this browser (and their cloud services) but I. Have Had. Enough. And there is nothing I can do, which kind of spoils the effect of the slashed up sentence above but, again, there is nothing I can do. Continue reading Outlier

When Tea Just Won’t Do

I won’t beat around the bush and say it straight away: I’m not a coffee person. I’m a tea person but not in the modern experimenting, exotic teas of various type and origin person. Continue reading When Tea Just Won’t Do

Writer’s Blues

I’ve been having trouble writing recently. I don’t know why, perhaps I’d overwritten myself in the last few months or perhaps five rejections of “The Lamiastriga” got to me (yes, I know, only five!) but I got the blues and I’d even go as far as to say the blacks because for days I was incapable of reading let alone writing. Continue reading Writer’s Blues

The Bullet Part 2

Gareth was tall and lanky and blond, with deep-set green eyes, and he looked my age, early twenties. He also looked like the last person to know anything about gunshot or any other wounds. And he seemed to have a case of the sniffles, which, I was sure, was not caused by a virus. Continue reading The Bullet Part 2

The Bullet Part 1

This is perhaps the longest short story I’ve written so far, which is why I’ve divided it into two parts. Like most of my stories, it grew from a dream kernel. I’ve only ever submitted it once and I got detailed feedback on it that reminded me yet again how subjective the perception of fiction could be. This story spawned another one I’ll be publishing later and I liked the two main characters so much they’re in Eleven Doors. Continue reading The Bullet Part 1

When Life Gives You Teachers

I have a confession to make. I don’t know how electricity works. I mean, I’ve read and read, and read about it, I can memorize facts and visualize and comprehend the water flow analogy I was lucky to find in a Jeffrey Deaver book but, well, I don’t really understand electricity. And I know why this is. It’s because I’m scared of physics. Continue reading When Life Gives You Teachers

Lift Your Eyebrows, Glance Here Briefly

Did this title cause you pain? I sincerely apologize but I had to make a point. It’s a very important point in a world where we’re all writers and it comes down to this: respect language. It is your weapon of choice, so wield it wisely lest you cut yourself or kill a story. Continue reading Lift Your Eyebrows, Glance Here Briefly

Red Bricks

The bus doors hissed open. Eddie hopped off and looked around. She’d never been to this part of the city though she had lived here for two years already and had seen most parts of it. Here, the street was cobblestone and so was the sidewalk. Rows of stones stretched into the distance: mundane gray for the street and cream, coffee, and cookie-brown for the sidewalk. Eddie smiled. She was hungry and she needed a coffee. It had been a long day. Continue reading Red Bricks

That One Book

You know how we all have some questions we’d rather never be asked? Not because the answer is embarrassing or anything but because it is impossible. Or is it just me? There is one question I really, really dread and I was recently faced with it. What is my favorite book of all time?  Continue reading That One Book