DF Part 9: The Last Guardian

I came to with a spinning head, a racing heart, and a stomach doing cartwheels. Someone was calling my name and I was beginning to hate the sound of it. Continue reading DF Part 9: The Last Guardian

A Profound Look Back at the Week: April 27 – May 1

Another week gone and it’s now May, which means end of school and Little C’s birthday, in reverse order. Not so little any more. Anyway, we’ve been getting re-used to life in the big city and ticking off things we came to do. Continue reading A Profound Look Back at the Week: April 27 – May 1

The Healing Books

I’m sure everyone has a go-to author — or authors — for when they are not feeling their best. For me, this used to be P. G. Wodehouse, for years. Then I started discovering other authors or rather realising that besides being great books, their works also had an effect on me I could only call healing or, if you prefer a less New Age-y way of putting it, de-stressing. Here they are in no particular order. Continue reading The Healing Books

Keeping Busy

I had an extremely stressful experience the other day. Long story short, the police at the Sofia checkpoint didn’t want to let us into the city, where we hold permanent residence. The reason? Subjective, hostile and, above all, inaccurate interpretation of the rules. Anyway, they finally let us through but we were all pretty shaken up and yes, I will look for ways to file an official complaint. Continue reading Keeping Busy

A Profound Look Back at the Week: April 20-24

‘Twas the week when some oil prices turned negative in the latest unprecedented global event, which has made me decide to name the word “unprecedented” Word of the Year. Can’t wait to see what else unprecedented is coming our way. Continue reading A Profound Look Back at the Week: April 20-24

DF Part 8: Lullaby

There once was a boy named Lars

His life was a dank stinky farce

No love or happiness he had

But he had weird dreams

And they drove him mad


There once was a boy— Continue reading DF Part 8: Lullaby

Look at the Flowers

In my search for the lighter side of things I’ve been reading a lot of hilarious confessions of people forced to share a house 24/7 for the first time in their lives. Loving couples, loving families that just never had to spend not just a lot but all their time together. Until now. The situation has a strong comedic potential and it also has a strong horror potential. Life’s funny this way. Continue reading Look at the Flowers