The Three-Day Trial

“I’ll try to take a three-day break from Twitter,” I wrote on Twitter on Friday morning around 7 am. I meant it. I had a horrible day on social media on Thursday that made me question the point of human civilisation if that’s what we end up as — spiteful, tunnel-visioned internet trolls. Anyway, since I can’t waste time on social media, I’ll blogging about it. Cunning, right? So. Continue reading The Three-Day Trial

Impacting Affects

When I first saw the word impact used as a verb (I was working as a news editor at the time) I changed it immediately, without even thinking… Okay, that was a lie. I thought “Seriously? What’s next, affectationate?” Continue reading Impacting Affects

The Big Chore

If I ever had to make a profile on a dating website — and if my idea of how such profiles tend to look is accurate — it would probably say something along these lines: Writes a lot. Reads a lot. Swears a lot. Doesn’t clean house. Hates laundry. Enjoys cooking and takes half-empty plates personally. Continue reading The Big Chore

10 Books You Must Read

There are books everyone must read in their life. Brilliant, genius books you simply need to experience so you can have a fuller, more meaningful life and fewer regrets on your deathbed. Here are ten of these books, although the list is far from exhaustive. Continue reading 10 Books You Must Read

Through the Tunnel

The creature Carl saw when he opened the door was filthy. Its stink was even stronger than the odors Carl had more or less gotten used to already. It was filthy but it looked well-fed, which was why Carl did not shut the door in its face and the piece of cardboard it was holding in front of its chest saying ARM/LEG. Continue reading Through the Tunnel

Happiness Is Overrated

Quick, when was the last time you were happy? An hour ago? The other day? I last felt like I could die without regrets about three days ago, in the evening, while my husband and I were having our pre-dinner beer. No particular reason for it, just one of those moments when everything is just right. And I’m convinced the most precious aspect of these moments is, erm, their momentariness. Continue reading Happiness Is Overrated

The Situation

This is a little people-trapped-together story I wrote a couple of years ago and included in a short story collection I first published and then unpublished on Amazon when I realised there was such a thing as magazines and anthologies out there that would give my stories a much better chance of being read by more than the five people who’d buy an unmarketed, unadvertised self-published collection. Continue reading The Situation