Have Plot. Will Write.

A couple of days after my realisation I was a plane spotter I made a decision. It was a decision prompted by strong emotions and the feelings I have harboured for planes for many years, and it was this: I simply have to write a book with a plane it it. A book about a plane. A book about a flight with a problem because I’m now two seasons into Air Crash Investigation and it looks like I’m going to binge my way through the whole thing before I return to all-time classics such as Passenger 57. Continue reading Have Plot. Will Write.

The Situation

This is a little people-trapped-together story I wrote a couple of years ago and included in a short story collection I first published and then unpublished on Amazon when I realised there was such a thing as magazines and anthologies out there that would give my stories a much better chance of being read by more than the five people who’d buy an unmarketed, unadvertised self-published collection. Continue reading The Situation

The Dream

I had a weird dream last night. I dreamed that I had a skin problem. There were thick white hairs growing on my upper arms. I’m not even sure they were hairs. About half an inch long, thick and white. They were also soft and didn’t really feel like hairs. More like those short unplucked bits of feathers on some chickens at the store. Only softer. Continue reading The Dream

Eating Disorder

This one’s another horror story. It wanted to become a novel so badly I had a difficult time restraining myself. It still does. Maybe some day. Continue reading Eating Disorder

Mother of Girl, Mother of Stories

It struck me the other day: turning an idea into a story and getting that story published is so similar to having a child and raising it, it’s a little scary. I know it’s a popular metaphor, the one about books being babies, but, seriously, it goes far beyond that emotional attachment between creator and creation. Continue reading Mother of Girl, Mother of Stories

Villains! More Villains!

I’ve been reading a lot of urban fantasy lately. You know, I’m following advice to “read in my genre”, which certainly makes sense and it almost certainly implies “Read something besides the books/authors you’ve already read ten times, okay?” So, that’s what I did but I’m finding something that I don’t like. I have yet to meet a true female villain. I’m sure there must be some but, apparently, not in the books I’ve been reading in the last few months. Why? Continue reading Villains! More Villains!

Onward into the Deep

This story was first conceived as nothing more than an illustration of writing ideas in an older blog post. But then, a few months ago, I saw a call for submissions dubbed “Release the Virgins” and I got motivated enough to sit down and write the story. It didn’t make the cut but I liked it enough to share it here.  Continue reading Onward into the Deep