Who Said Multitasking Was Dead?

I remember reading somewhere a few years ago that there was actually no such thing as successful multitasking. The more things you do at the same time, the less focused you are on any one of them, which understandably leads to poor results. I knew it, I thought then, it never made any sense anyway. But look at me now. Continue reading Who Said Multitasking Was Dead?

Killing Humour Would Be Worse than the Bee Crisis

I come to you today as a woman gravely agitated, dare I say brutally triggered, by several social network comments by strangers on a supposed quote by Terry Pratchett, of all things. While the comments themselves were too idiotic to quote, they do reflect a trend that I find to be a lot more dangerous than the shrinking bee population. Why? Because bees are not the only pollinators but humour is our only natural coping mechanism for crises of all sorts. If we kill that, we can just shut the door on humanity, turn the key in the lock and throw in a volcano. Continue reading Killing Humour Would Be Worse than the Bee Crisis

11 Fun Things To Do in the Homepocalypse

So, everyone’s staying at home for a change and the positive effects of that are already visible on an air quality map of Europe I saw earlier today. For me, staying at home is nothing new but I can understand many people might be getting frustrated out there, so I came up with a list of 11 — because that’s my favourite number for no discernible reason — fun things to do while you Do What’s Right. Continue reading 11 Fun Things To Do in the Homepocalypse

Sit-Down Comedy: Lost

Remember when I said I was considering a career change into stand-up comedy after I told a number of people about how I got lost in Italy? It’s all right if you don’t, I just said it again. Only stand-up is not an option because I don’t have a stage to stand up on, so I’ll be doing it sitting down, in writing. Continue reading Sit-Down Comedy: Lost

Sour Graping Tactics: Lose like a Winner

I believe one of the very few things all humans feel the same way about is failure. I may well be wrong and there may be failure addict clubs somewhere, where people swap stories of glorious failures and spectacular humiliations, and plot new ones. Anything’s possible. But most of us don’t like failure. It’s evolutionary. So we’ve got coping mechanisms, some better working than others. Continue reading Sour Graping Tactics: Lose like a Winner

Worrier: Level 100

One of my Dad’s favourite jokes was about the pessimist and the optimist arguing about whether it could get any worse. The pessimist said “It can’t. It can’t get any worse.” “Oh, it can,” the optimist said. “It could always get worse.” Continue reading Worrier: Level 100

Who Needs a Smartphone Anyway

I don’t have any truck with Black Fridays. Never have, never will. Last week a friend mentioned it and I thought why can’t we stick to Halloween? Why do we have to import Black Friday, too? with the haunting pictures of crowds at the doors of American stores and the news reports of some of them getting trampled in the stampede. And then, on my way back from dropping Cat at school, I saw a bus with a whole-body ad for Nokia phones. Continue reading Who Needs a Smartphone Anyway