Ik Speak Mange Разные Limbe Molto Bene

Let me see now. Since I started studying Russian in the second grade I must have tried learning about half a dozen languages. I only mastered one, mastering here meaning I achieved a reasonable level of fluency. As for the rest, hope springs eternal.

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The 37th Invention of the Wheel

I’ve been inventing the wheel for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I invent it once a week, other times are slower and I only invent the wheel once a year. Continue reading The 37th Invention of the Wheel

The Slav Work-Write Irony

Note: Slav after me, not after the ethnic group. Some tricky name I have, courtesy of my hilariously non-Slavic husband.

You know the joke that if you want a job done you should give it to the busiest person in the office? Well, I’ve formulated an alternative: if you want to finish a writing project, saddle yourself with as much work as you can. Continue reading The Slav Work-Write Irony

The Great Romantic Binge 2

WARNING, in case some pre-teens are reading this blog, which they aren’t. The following text contains references to the mating process in humans, commonly referred to as sex. I can’t believe I just wrote this.

That’s right, I’m doing a second romantic binge, this time on books. I found a lovely collection of 17 romantic novels and novellas online and I’m about halfway through it. Which means I’ve had the time and the accumulation of information to make some conclusions. Continue reading The Great Romantic Binge 2

Children Know

A funny thing happened the other day. Little C had two friends over to play with in the garden while I did what I usually do in the afternoons, which is relax with a beer and, in this case, Psych. Suddenly, the boys came running into my field of vision waving the pair of evil clowns I keep on my desk. And you know what they were shouting? “Evil! Evil!” Continue reading Children Know

The Impostor Syndrome

I often have internal dialogues. Sometimes they’re mostly peaceful but usually they’re highly argumentative. Yes, I often disagree with myself and I get on my nerves a lot being stubborn about stuff. Such as the impostor syndrome. Continue reading The Impostor Syndrome

The Great Romantic Binge

A have an embarrassing confession to make. I haven’t read a single Jane Austen novel. Ever. I have no logical explanation. It’s not that I don’t read romance. I do read romance, a lot of it. And it is certainly not that I have anything against 19th century English literature. I don’t. I love Dickens and Hardy. And I’ve read Jane Eyre three times, so it’s not anything against women writers of 19th century England, either. It’s a mystery and it shall remain a mystery but t least I am now familiar with the material after I binged watched every adaptation of an Austen novel I could find. Continue reading The Great Romantic Binge

The Healing Books

I’m sure everyone has a go-to author — or authors — for when they are not feeling their best. For me, this used to be P. G. Wodehouse, for years. Then I started discovering other authors or rather realising that besides being great books, their works also had an effect on me I could only call healing or, if you prefer a less New Age-y way of putting it, de-stressing. Here they are in no particular order. Continue reading The Healing Books

What I Learned from 6 Years of Freelancing

It was all the rage about a decade ago and it’s still the rage: working from wherever you happen to be and working whenever you happen to feel like working because you only work for yourself and not some soulless corporate monster. Freelancing was one way to beat the system, the nine-to-five, which is now eight-to-six, system of employment. Of course, everyone with an ounce of common sense you can’t beat the system but you can change it. I’ve been freelancing since 2016 and here’s what I’ve learned so far. Continue reading What I Learned from 6 Years of Freelancing

We Want to Invest in Your Book

Anyone who’s had any experience whatsoever with publishing, even with a single short story or a poem, must have acquired the kind of uneasy feeling that this is a sea full of sharks and other life forms that do not exactly have your best interests at heart. Sadly, it seems that sooner or later most of us run into these life forms. Continue reading We Want to Invest in Your Book