A Profound Look Back at the Week: June 7-13

For reasons largely outside my control this week’s PLBW will be a listicle of what happened this week, the good and the bad.

Good: I can now confidently start a car on a hill. Not that it’s quantum physics but it does take shaking off the instinctive fear of risking backward motion when you want forward motion.

Good: I did not spend the week freaking out about Little C.’s upcoming one-week trip. I was too busy freaking out about the daily rainfalls and the chances of my courgettes actually bearing fruit.

Bad: I now have less than 24 hours to cram in all the freaking out I missed during the week. She’s leaving tomorrow.

Good: I’ve made a list of close to a dozen anthology calls and magazines I can submit short stories to.

Bad: I still have to find the time and energy to do it. Bingeing on Friends is time-consuming.

Good: I’ve started writing the first draft of the second book about Fang in Fang Ltd. I did a whole chapter this morning. The story just poured out, which, I suppose, means it really wants to be told.

Bad: I’ve still got to finish editing my funny ghost story and I feel guilty about ignoring it in favour of the Fangs.

Good: I got an offer for a new project that sounds interesting and will provide a nice change of what I usually do on a daily basis.

Bad: Part of me can’t be bothered with any new projects. We have yet to see which part will prevail.

Important: The Dreamer is creeping closer to publication and this means I would need advance readers to judge the book before its official launch and leave a review at a location of their preference. I can’t begin to tell you how important reviews are for non-bestselling authors. If anyone’s interested, please comment or drop me a message on any of the channels listed here (scroll down to the end of my introduction).

Here’s the back-page blurb of the book:

The Dreamer blurb

Thank you!


Book-peddling corner (because books won’t sell/download themselves much as I’d like them to): if you’re in the mood for some dragons and vampires, or mysterious vanishing planes, try The Lamiastriga (which you can’t read for free on this blog) or Sky High (which you can read for free on this blog or on Kobo. I always appreciate feedback). For those in the mood for scary stories, here’s a complete list of my published shorter fiction.

3 thoughts on “A Profound Look Back at the Week: June 7-13”

  1. Daily rainfalls and courgettes sounds great. May 2021 UK was obviously a pen name for March. Now the ground’s baked hard, with cracks. Clearly rain finds Up North boring and has relocated.
    Freaking out ? That was for the suggested £65 pre-op blood tests, for the kittens. Each. Owner’s decision.
    Even post Brexit, £130 will buy a lot of perfectly good cat food.

    Liked by 1 person

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