A Profound Look Back at the Week: January 25-31

This week’s profound look is late, for which I apologise, but work has this tendency to pile up sometimes and I value my free time, so it was bound to happen.


Some might argue 2021 has underperformed relative to expectations so far but I will disagree. For me, it has been pretty interesting and, it seems, not just for me. Last week was a pretty interesting one for hedge funds as well, and in a completely new, unprecedented way. If that week (and this week) could teach us anything it’s to always expect the unexpected. I hear it’s something they teach at Mosad and those people there know a thing or two about the importance of preparation in anticipation of potential adverse events.

The democratisation of financial market trading has been a pain in the gluteus maximus for many, and not just professional fund managers and bankers. But the pain never led to any anticipatory moves. Like Mosad, I have a thing or two to say about the importance of preparation in anticipation of potential adverse events but I won’t because this is not a financial blog. All I can say about the whole WallStreetBets business is that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, also known as Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Sometimes it takes time for the reaction to manifest but it always does. See? I didn’t even say bwahaha.

When degeneration is the good news

I have diffuse lattice degeneration of the retina on both eyes. I’m sure this sounds even scarier without context than it would with some context. But the context I had when I heard that was “This is a perfectly healthy eye.” I know it sounds paradoxical but for doctors there are degrees of health, apparently.

I went to the clinic prepared for a laser intervention. I was ready. Well, no I wasn’t but I was pretending I was. Routine procedure. Nothing to it. Five minutes and I’m out. No risk. Well, it turned out I didn’t need the procedure after all because all I have was this degeneration — something typical of myopic patients and nothing to worry about. Indeed, I checked and it turns out this degeneration almost never leads to retinal tears and holes. Isn’t this great? Profound moral of the story: Sometimes things that sound or look scary are nothing to worry about.

Cryptic notes to self

I was just leafing through my notebook to find the notes I made for this week’s PLBW and saw this: The ultimate test has been passed: the Adult Male Sneeze. I haven’t the faintest idea what it is supposed to mean.

It could be a blog post idea. In fact, it probably is. But what’s behind this idea is as clear as puddle water. Maybe it was supposed to be a post about true love. I don’t know about all men but mine sneezes both loudly and numerously. Or maybe it was a blog about boys growing up into men although that’s unlikely because I’ve never raised a boy or watched a boy grow into a man. Also, I’ve no idea what sneezing has to do with growing except that the voice changes. I’m at a complete loss.

It’s not the first time I’ve found notes like this. I keep all my old notebooks and I’m sure there’s a decent crop of cryptic notes to self there that might interest a psychologist. That’s because, like many other stupid people, I have this false belief it’s enough to write down the basics and the rest will be retained. Well, it isn’t retained. If you make notes, make them detailed. Give the head of an idea some arms and some legs. Otherwise what you’ve got is a head that a month later you’ll have forgotten ever existed. That’s a sad thing to happen to the head of an idea.

Profound Meme for This Week


If you’ve made it this far, here are a couple of book suggestions because it has come to my attention that it feels good when people read the books you write but they have no way of knowing about these books unless you tell them. Reviews are always appreciated.

For vampires, witches, and dragons click here.

For a supernatural mystery that begins mid-flight click here. (This one’s free on Kobo)



2 thoughts on “A Profound Look Back at the Week: January 25-31”

  1. Moral of the story ? From our alternately soggy/snowy/icy hills, relief. Still scary – They’re speaking their everyday language, maybe don’t realise how alarming it sounds. Yesterday, without lenses, I wouldn’t have seen five red deer, right by our house., maybe just a red brown blur.

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