Homemade Story Recipe

There are as a many story recipes as there are storymakers and each has its very own charm. However, the basic ingredients of a story tend to be the same across personal variations so what we have here is the basic recipe. It’s up to you what you add or don’t add to it and how you decorate it should you choose to decorate at all. Enjoy!


2 cups/250 g of self-raising imagination

1 large stroke of luck*

1 large idea

1/2 cup memories of books you’ve read before

1 cup love of language

1-3 tbsp of plotting**

1 tsp of time management

1-5 tsp of self discipline depending on taste

*You can substitute stroke of luck with 3 ounces of observation and half a cup of imagination.

**You can skip this ingredient altogether if you are good at getting from A to Z on the first go. it does, however, add a pleasant colour to the finished product.


Beat the love of language with the stroke of luck until blended. Add the idea and stir in. Start adding the imagination, alternating with memories of books you’ve read before so that the last portion you add is imagination. Add the plotting if you’re using it and blend it in. Finally, add the time management and the self discipline.

Let the mixture sit while the oven heats up to 200 C/390 F. Once it is ready, pour the story mixture into a baking pan with a shape of your choice and place it in the oven. After ten minutes reduce the heat to 180 C/350 F and bake until the top of the story is golden brown.

Once done, you can either consume the story as it is or decorate it with any of an extensive range of additions including but not limited to mysterious subplots, plot twists, decorative language, and genre subversion.

If you choose to decorate your story, make sure you only use the best fresh ingredients and do not succumb to the natural urge to heap more decoration than there is story. This would make the taste too heavy and cause brain upsets in some readers. Happy cooking!

2 thoughts on “Homemade Story Recipe”

  1. Dear Irina, this is funny. Obviously you like balancing between the serious oil & gas stories and the free spirit De-Zombify chronicles (you must be a libra).
    Oups! Does that mean that you forgot to mention one last ingredient, a sense of humour?
    Anyhow, it is always pleasant to read your writing.


    1. Haha, I definitely need a balance and I seek it out anywhere I can. I’m a Cancer (but married to a Libra) and I certainly should’ve added a sense of humour in the decorations section. Thanks! 😀


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