The Entrepreneur-to-be


I met the Entrepreneur-to-be online, in a work project and I’d confidently say that he’s one of the sweetest and most persuasive people I know. That’s a dangerous combination, such people can make you do stuff you never thought you’d want to do and like it (especially since you get paid for it)! He’s a great motivator and a great optimist, and I can only wish him that he never loses either of these.

In a few words, what exactly do you do?

Telling people I work as a ‘Relationship Manager’ is usually followed by a question of whether I heal, fix or improve couples’ relationships. If only! I, in fact, work for an online social network for FX traders and I manage the relationships with our current clients who are FX brokers. Part of my role is also to deal with the general public, i.e. our online members, with their queries and questions which I like. I also happen to be on the team that takes chat-requests on the “Live Chat” feature you see on many company sites today.

Why do you love your job?

Why is that assumed? Just kiddin’. I do love working for an innovative technology company in the online social media space. I work with driven and intelligent people and I especially love solving issues and queries along with our IT department. Working together to solve a problem which you know can be solved and working out a solution is what I love the most.

At a time I was also asked to take part in the interviewing process coupling up with a colleague, it was my first experience in being “on the other side” so I enjoyed sitting on that side of the fence for a change.

Is there anything you’d rather do?

Well I love working in the social media field and if I had to take a stab, I’d say setting up my own type of social media website/company, with a young crowd, doing creative things, with ideally millions of members and enjoying the whole feel of it all – whilst obviously knowing my net worth is growing by the day with every new member signing up.

What’s your most terrible work experience?

None whatsoever in this role. But if the question refers to previous jobs, then perhaps thinking being a bike-courier would be fun since I’m such a keen bicycle enthusiast. Didn’t turn out such a great idea. It was through inner-city London, dodging dangerous cars, taxis and vans, in the middle of the day, and for very, very little pay. It wasn’t worth the hassle and risk. But I still loved the cycling bit!

And you dream about?

Being a millionaire! Doesn’t everyone? Not for personal greed or gain but ideally to never have to work so I can use my time to give back to society in whichever way I could at that time. Most likely through helping other businesses grow and expand and overcome their challenges as I would assume my millions would be made via some entrepreneurial business venture, gaining valuable life and business experience along the journey. And thus, I could impart my knowledge and experience back into society in whichever pockets it is needed most.

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